Shiplify Trust Center

Shiplify is committed to the security of customer data. To demonstrate that commitment we are proud to share that we are audited annually by external testing and auditing firms. These partners provide us with feedback on security issues, compliance issues, and with certification or reporting on our security position.

We maintain multiple policies and procedures around security and availability of our services. These include continuous vulnerability management, secure development, encryption standards, and continuous access reviews.

Our processes are audited annually by a trusted third party, to demonstrate that Shiplify maintains compliance with SOC2 standards. You may request a copy of the SOC2 report for the current year, provided that you are a customer or have an existing NDA document in place. Please use the contacts below to make your request.

If you have questions, comments, or requests, contact us via the Contact Us form which is our preferred and most reliable method of contact.

Alternatively you may use the appropriate email address: [email protected] or [email protected].

Or contact us by mail:

Shiplify LLC
3333 Riverwood Pkwy
Suite 101
Atlanta, GA 30339